Ever had a ‘Rica Rica Pale Ale’? Wonder how a coca leave or chañar ice cream tastes like? Eager to try a Chilean empanada with llama meat? Come with us to try delicious varieties of tea, ice cream, lemonade and pisco sour, locally produced jam and honey, one of the best mote con huesillo, handcrafted beer and savoury dishes that combine international and Atacameño cuisine

Our tour includes 8 food and beverage stops that will leave you satisfied for sure!

Our tours evolve around 4 key aspects:


the best local eateries, from small bakeries to iconic food trucks and stands, to the most characteristic restaurants.


about food tradition & heritage, as well as the culture and history of the Andean region.


new flavours, hidden alleyways and best kept secrets of life in the desert.


culinary treasures that represent the extraordinary variety of distinctive products of this region.

Tour dates: Monday to Friday (please ask for tours on the weekend) start: 9:30am from the main square


Start:  at 9:30 am at the main square of San Pedro

Duration:  Approx. 4 1/2 hours

Walking distance:  Approx. 3,5km.

Price: $45.000 CLP per person. Children: 0-4 years free (parents can share tastings); 5-13 years $15.000 CLP (alcoholic drinks are replaced by juices or water); 14-18 years $40.000 CLP.

Includes: Full breakfast and lunch with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and refreshments.

Vegetarian option: Available (please book in advance).

Languages: English, Spanish, German.


Meeting point
GPS Coordinates
-22.910679, -68.200263
2370 meters
We walk trough the center of San Pedro and adjacent alleyways at casual pace. There's no up and down.
4 1/2 Hours
Our 3,5 km tour includes 8 food and beverage stops that will leave you satisfied for sure!
Our walking tour is for everyone, regardless their age or fitness level.
Min. 2 máx. 6 People
Our tour is specially designed for those traveling alone, couples and small groups of friends, thus ensuring the quality for an unforgettable experience! (Feasibility for larger groups)
All ages
Children of any age can participate.(free up to 5 years; $ 15.000 CLP 5-13 years; full price 14 years+)